Client Feedback: Writing for Children MA Dissertation Proofreading


It’s wonderful to hear when my services have made a difference to someone’s writing. Here’s a lovely review from a recent client, who contacted me about her Writing for Children master’s dissertation. Her piece was a middle grade novel and it was an absolute joy to proof.

I contacted Alice to proofread my creative writing dissertation. Obviously in this situation, the longer you allow for the editor to go through your work the better. But despite my best intentions, I only managed to get the finished document to her about a week before the deadline. This was one of the busiest weeks of her entire life to date, but like the pro she is, she managed to proof the entire 26k words with speed and accuracy.

She picked up many minor yet vital points of grammar, flagged up where sentences weren't doing their best work and spotted all those pesky typos I thought I'd weeded out. The peace of mind this gave me on hand-in day was worth twice her fee; which by the way was fair and transparent from the beginning.

Alice is friendly, efficient and a very talented writer. You'd be hard-pushed to find a safer pair of hands to help your words sing.